An arc welder to power LEDs?

Most sports lighting companies have their drivers at the base of the light poles. This means they need around 700V of DC power to reach a fixture from the bottom of its pole – That’s the equivalent of an arc welder.

So why the need to gamble with such dangerously high levels of voltage? Because their fixtures are too heavy to have their driver next to the lights.

Our patented technology means our lights are much lighter than our competitors’. Which is why we can have our drivers at the base of our fixtures, making it much safer to handle at just 48V of DC power. This also dramatically increases the lifespan of the LEDs.

Many sports lighting companies buy their drivers from a 3rd party, but not us. Sportsbeams designs, engineers and helps manufacture our own drivers.

Just another reason why our fixtures truly are the best in the world!




*700v DC is equivalent of an arc welder

Sportsbeams fixures are lighter, allowing our drivers to be positioned at the base of the fixtures. This is why our fixtures only need around 48v of DC power, making it much safer to handle


• Custom aluminum die cast housing with precisely engineered heat fins reduces heat by over 20%.
• Housing sealed with an ip-67 gasket that ensures protection from water ingress.
• Board is potted in heat-conducting resin that further protects from water and heat damage.
• Stainless steel, water-tight glands allow power and data cables in and nothing else.
• All power supplies ready to be included in our exclusive Redundant Array of Independent Drivers
(R.A.I.D.) system.