Most galvanized steel and cement poles are designed to last for 50+ years. WIth the right LED fixture, there’s no reason to replace the poles.


Our fixtures were designed from the start to be the perfect retrofit. It is lighter and has better wind load than any fixture it replaces. Adding more fixtures isn’t a problem.


You can do things with our lights that were never possible before. Flashes, chases, music-syncing, remote power and more.


I was told that I need to get new poles before I could upgrade my lights. Do I need to?

Most likely, no. A good, well-galvanized pole can last 60 years or more.

Why would they insist that I get new poles? 

A number of reasons. Most likely, they cannot get to the light levels you want because their fixture is too heavy or has a wind load that is too high.

Or, they could just want to sell you new poles.

I need more light than I have now. Is that possible without replacing my poles?

With Sportsbeams, it is. Our fixtures are designed to be a better than 1-for-1 replacement for standard HIDs. Plus, because our fixtures are lighter and have a better wind load than the HIDs they are replacing, we can often add more fixtures on an existing pole.

What new equipment does Sportsbeams recommend for a retrofit?

We will usually bid the following:

  • Fixtures w/visors
  • New cross arms to mount on existing poles
  • New control/power distribution boxes for each pole
  • Intellibeam Light Server for wired or wireless DMX-compatible control