• Our fixtures are designed to be a better than 1-for-1 replacement for standard HIDs. Plus, because our fixtures are lighter and have a better wind load than the HIDs they are replacing, we can often add more fixtures on an existing pole.

• Most galvanized steel and cement poles are designed to last for 50+ years. With the right LED fixture, there’s no reason to replace the poles.

• Fixtures w/visors
• New cross arms to mount on existing poles
• New control/power distribution boxes for each pole
• Intellibeam Light Server for wired or wireless DMX-compatible control


• With a top-tier portfolio of lighting state-of-the-art stadiums, Sportsbeams is quickly making a name for ourselves in the professional sports industry.

• While there are a few sports lighting fixtures that combine white and colored light, the innovative technology of the Sportsbeams Chromabeams is the most advanced version, sold at a price that allows stadiums to equip every single fixture with this technology for less than the cost of competing, simple and unimpressive white LED fixtures.

• The lighting possibilities for halftime show and sold-out mega concerts are endless, as any experienced stage lighting professional can create an ambitious, one-of-a-kind light show with rapid speed and ease, while matching the exact mood required for the performance on the field.

• Athletes can see the action with our lights. Our single, glass optic lights every playing surface evenly with smooth, clear light. No other LED sports light on the market can compare.

• Sportsbeams fixtures have the perfect lighting solutions for any collegiate project. From Division I powerhouse arenas to community college intramural fields, we cater to your specific needs no matter the size or scope of the installation.

• With competitive pricing on each of our light fixtures, there’s no need to settle on an inferior product or brand. Your high school athletes can an enjoy a professional level playing experience with our advanced glare and unbelievable visual acuity.

• Whether its football stadiums, basketball courts, softball fields and tennis courts, our diverse range of project experience makes us a leader in the high school sports lighting industry.


• What’s good for athletes is good for pilots and ground crew. They need to get work done without getting blinded. Our lights provide incredible illumination without the glare using a patented single lens technology and precise beam control.

• As part of our Intellibeams system, every light that we make comes with advanced intelligence that allows you to control the lights and receive complete status reports. Each fixture has its own MAC address and will be DMX controllable.

• We can match color temperature of high-pressure sodium vapor for fog penetration or raise the color temperature for a more modern look.

• Safety First: There’s no better reason to use our light than for the safety of your crew on the ground. Our lights turn on instantly and provide better light than any other light on the market.

• Night After Night for Years: Gone are the bad old days of continuing electro-mechanical failures. LED is here to change that. Sportsbeams is here to improve significantly on regular LED. Our products our built stronger, last longer and provide a much better glare-free light.

• Rugged Like No Other: Life at the port is not easy. Strong winds, salty mist, electrical surges and more. Each of our products is lab tested and proven to be able to handle the harsh environment at any port.