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Best Airport Light on the Market

You have a dilemma. Your ground crew needs the best lighting possible. Avoid accidents, get the right bags to where they’re going, and on and on. You pilots need light too. But they’re at just a bit of a different angle. Cockpits will do that.

So what’s a facilities manager to do? Lot’s of lighting for some, no glare for others. With old-fashioned HIDs, you picked one or the other.

We are ending that choice. Today.

Reduced Glare

What’s good for athletes is good for pilots and ground crew. They need to get work done without getting blinded. Our lights provide incredible illumination without the glare.

  • Patented single lens technology
  • Precise beam control

Complete Control

As part of our Intellibeam system, every light that we make comes with advanced intelligence that allows you to control the lights and receive complete status reports.

  • Each fixture has own MAC address
  • DMX Controllable

Custom Color

We can match color temperature of high pressure Sodium vapor for fog penetration or raise the color temperature for a more modern look.

  • 2200k to 6500k