Why Lighting Design is Important for Athletes

Lighting design might not be the first thing people think of when developing a successful sports team, but it can have a huge impact on the players and the way the game is played. When it comes to field lighting two factors have the biggest impact on players: glare and shadows.

Glare greatly affects the way the athletes play because it affects their ability to see. In a sports game, the players often have only seconds to react, sometimes less. Any visual obstruction that can seem small could have an enormous impact on the game.

Picture a quarterback, trying to find an open receiver. He scans the field. No one is open. His offensive line is struggling mightily, but they can only do so much to keep the pocket safe. He keeps scanning the field, but there is still no one. He scrambles and gets tackled. The play is over and as he looks at the replay on the big screen, and there was an open person! A wide receiver who had no coverage. Why didn’t he notice the receiver? Because the glare from the field lights obscured the wide receiver from view. This is one reason why football field lighting design is so important.

In addition to not blinding players, the field must look evenly lit. Can you imagine a sport where the player’s eyes have to keep adjusting to the changes in the lighting? It would significantly affect the pace of the game.

How Sportsbeams Can Help

Our broadcast quality LED field lights don’t just reduce glare, they eliminate it. Our anti-reflecting, plated glass optics helps shape the exiting light into a tight, continuous beam with no hotspots. This means players can do what they do best without being blinded by the light.

But high-quality lights are just part of our solution to sports teams and coaches: we are experts at creating lighting designs for sports fields and our Field LED 800 field lights are equipped with serious intelligence. It tracks lighting hours, fan speed, heat, output and more. Armed with its own MAC address, each light can be controlled individually or together.

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