Sportsbeams Case Study: Wimberley High School

“The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas”. This is what the city of Wimberley wanted for themselves when they decided to become an international dark sky community or a city where light pollution does not block the night sky from view. In order to be dark sky compliant, they had to make several changes including updating lights in the city to reduce glare into the night sky. While implementing this, there was an issue: the high school football field lights.


Every Texas town is proud of their high school football team and you can’t have Friday night football without the Friday night lights. But the standard football field lights at Wimberly High School had a glaring issue, literally. The glare from the field lights wasn’t just blinding the players on the field, it was polluting the night sky. This was a problem for Wimberley’s dark sky plans.


Wimberly High School reached out to Sportsbeams about the Field LED 800 – lights specifically designed for football and other sports fields. These lights allow Wimberley High School to keep the lights on the field and out of players eyes. By reducing the glare, these lights allowed Wimberly to become dark sky compliant.


Reduced glare on football fields is now an essential element during practice and games. While high schools are unlikely to need the standard of lighting required for televised matches, schools need to be able to light the fields so players can train and play safely and effectively at night, or even late afternoon in winter.

The antiglare design on the Field LED 800 creates a tight continuous beam of light that has no hotspots. This eliminates the glare. In addition, the intelligence features of the Field LED800 lighting allows high schools the ability to monitor and control the amount of light needed over the field including special effects and exact color control. Traditionally, installing new lights might mean installing new poles but with Sportsbeams’ lightweight features, new poles are rarely needed, which keeps costs low.

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