• Best lights on the market
  • Most LED experience
  • Unparalleled control
  • Competitive pricing
  • We own our manufacturing
  • Each light built to last 20 years
  • Continuous innovation


Best Lights

Feature by feature,
no light on the market can compete with a Sportsbeams light.

  • Patented single-lens optics
  • Patented cooling systems to keep sensitive internal components at constant temperature
  • Advanced intelligence on board each fixture

LED Experience

Our founders have been pushing LED limits for 13 years. Starting in Hollywood, they established LED lighting standards that are still in use today.

  • 2-time Emmy Award winners
  • Ground-up design and engineering

Unparalleled Control

Each Sportsbeams fixture is equipped with serious intelligence. It tracks lighting hours, fan speed, heat, output and more. Armed with its own MAC address, each light can be controlled individually or together.

  • Ethernet port on each light
  • Full DMX Compatibility

Competitive Pricing

Bid after bid, we demonstrate that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to utilize the best LED sports lighting on the market.

  • Complete turnkey service

Built to Last

It’s one thing to offer a 20-year warranty. It’s better to design the light from the beginning so that it actually lasts 20 years.

  • Advanced heat management ensures key components don’t get heat-stressed
  • World-class manufacturing utilizes advanced sealing techniques to ensure against elemental ingress

In- House Manufacturing

You can’t trust a sports lighting fixture from any company that doesn’t own the manufacturing process.

  • 15-years high tech manufacturing experience
  • All fixtures engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested by Sportsbeams